We design and develop digital solutions

The goal of our work is to find the problems of your customers and solve them thanks to convenient, functional and modern solutions.

Our Services
Branding that will make customers buy

The corporate identity that we develop is not only a unique logo that will be remembered, but also the whole set of guides for the further work of the brand.

UX/UI, smart and smart for your clients

Not just web design, but a thoughtful user journey in a creative, user-friendly way. We conduct research and collect statistics for the constant growth of skills.

Web Dev fast and secure

Websites, web applications and more. We work with popular and proven frameworks for the reliable operation of your projects.

Other additional services

Our services to attract traffic to your projects and other marketing services

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  • Development of creative websites for NFT-projects

    Recently, we have developed more than 10 projects in the NFT niche.

    For some projects, we did only design, but most of them were implemented in a complex way, engineering, design, animation and further development.

  • Design and development of functional VPN apps

    Engineering, design and develop VPN applications of varying complexity and functionality. View a selection of applications we have developed.

  • Complex development of online store

    In ecommerce, we have experience in developing projects of varying complexity.

And many of our other interesting works
All our works

The Abozhenko team specializes in providing web development services.

We offer clients:

  • development of design and redesign of websites and landing pages;
  • development of web interfaces;
  • branding: brand book design, brand design support, packaging design;
  • video production and motion design;
  • creation of profile design in social networks;
  • UX design;
  • website usability audit, design consultations;
  • creation of web applications.

Trustworthy web design studio

Design development is a responsible task that requires not only artistic taste, but also analytical skills that allow you to create a working, selling design at the concept stage, no matter what it is: a brand book, a video or a website.

Web design studio Abozhenko practices a "smart approach" to design, where technical skills and aesthetics are combined with an analytical component. The main goal is not mindless rendering of visually attractive objects, but the creation of a selling design:

  • user comfort;
  • increasing loyalty to a product or service;
  • increase in the level of sales;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • increase in the number of returning customers.

We work with a wide range of tasks. Web design studio Abozhenko develops standard online stores in original design, attractive landing pages, comfortable web interfaces, brand books, creates and edits videos. Clients turn to us for solving non-standard tasks, and designers, editors, typesetters cope with them with a bang.

Order design development

We managed to streamline the production process in such a way as to offer web design services at a competitive cost. Before ordering a design of any complexity, customers receive an estimate, which describes in detail and transparently the upcoming stages of work. Compare the final cost with the prices of competitors to make a choice in our favor. At the Abozhenko web design studio, the development of a project of arbitrary complexity is available to clients even in difficult financial times.

Professional design development in the smallest detail: from the approach to project implementation to all aspects of customer service: contracting, consulting, accounting. And the invariably excellent result of the work - the portfolio is available for review in the appropriate section.